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Start 05:52 07:57 12:57 15:23 17:57 19:40
Jama’ah 06:30 13:10 16:00 +5 20:00

Eid Prayer times

Eid prayer times on Friday the 10th Dhul-Hijjah are as follows:


Friday prayer will be on

Eid party will be in the Car Park In’Sha’Allah after the last Eid prayer.

Car Park will be closed for Eid Party. Please make alternative parking arrangements.

Due to Eid being on a Friday, brothers have three options:

– Praying one of the Eid prayers and Jumuah as normal
– Praying one of the Eid prayers, and praying Zuhr (4 Raka’ah) instead of Jumuah
– If Eid prayer is missed, Jumuah is compulsory.

Edinburgh Central Mosque wishes you all a very blessed Eid.

Moon sighting workshop – reviving the sunnah

Moon Sighting Workshop – reviving the sunnah
Edinburgh Central Mosque
Main Prayer Hall
6:30pm 2nd August 2017 – After Asr prayer
Open to brothers and sisters

Eng. Qamar Uddin from Moon Sighting UK / ICOUK is in Edinburgh and we’ve asked him to give us a briefing on the importance and practice of moon sighting in the UK at our Edinburgh Central Masjid on Wednesday 2nd August 2017 after Asar 6.30 pm (Jamat at 6.00 pm), inshaAllah.

This event is open to all brothers & sisters, and it will be most beneficial to those wishing to gain basic training on how to sight the moon in all weather conditions, inshaAllah.

You can find more information on the Lead Hilal Observers for UK Regions

Please make every effort to attend and share this message.