Eid Prayer times

Eid prayer times on Friday the 10th Dhul-Hijjah are as follows:


Friday prayer will be on

Eid party will be in the Car Park In’Sha’Allah after the last Eid prayer.

Car Park will be closed for Eid Party. Please make alternative parking arrangements.

Due to Eid being on a Friday, brothers have three options:

– Praying one of the Eid prayers and Jumuah as normal
– Praying one of the Eid prayers, and praying Zuhr (4 Raka’ah) instead of Jumuah
– If Eid prayer is missed, Jumuah is compulsory.

Edinburgh Central Mosque wishes you all a very blessed Eid.

We need your help!

We need your help for the Eid party!

We depend on people like you to provide many of our services to the community.


We’re now finalising plans for the Eid party and as such we need volunteers to help finalise the plans and be on the ground on the day to help make the party a success.


For this we need help in all areas of the party. Are you willing to help? Do you know someone who can help ?


We’re having the general volunteer meeting Tuesday 21st June 6:30pm after Asr in the Mosque Library


We’re looking for the following:


  • 4 Face painters
  • 2 Hennah artists
  • Social media reporter
  • Photographer
  • 12 Bouncy castle operators
  • 2 Ice Cream server
  • 8 Tea / coffee / biscuit stand operators
  • General helpers
  • Floor/crowd control supervisors
  • Stalls manager
  • Volunteers manager
  • Buyer / shopper for materials
  • Games designers and operators
  • General helpers.


Can you help? We aim to have a maximum of 2-3 hours shift per job so you can have some fun with your family.

If you’re willing to help, you must be able to attend the allocation meeting on the day of Eid at 9am.


Please get in touch as soon as possible with your phone number so you can be added you to the WhatsApp organisers group.